Different Rat, Same Story

A lot of people here in Florida know there are rats around. We are basically surrounded by water between rivers, oceans, lakes and ponds and water attracts rats. What we don’t realize is that there are a ton of different kinds of rats. I personally would just assume a rat is a rat is a rat, but then I would be wrong!

The most common rat found in Florida is the Roof Rat. What does a roof rat look like you ask? They are about 3-8 inches in length, they have a really long tail, huge ears and eyes and generally are black or dark brown. They are smooth and sleek, which is part of the reason they are so quick.

The next common rat we have here is the Norway Rat. Yes, you read the name right. These guys are around 14-16 inches and their tails are sorter than their bodies. They are grey or brown and their bodies and ears are covered in weird scales.

Then we have the Wood Rat. These guys can grow up to 7 inches and are around the same length as the Norway Rat but they are furry and hamster like. They are black, brown or grey. Sounds cute right? They are still rats!

At the end of the day, all of these rats are in fact that…rats. They will all cause the same damage to your home and pose the same health risks. It is extremely important to rid your home of the pesky critters asap with Raccoon Removal, even if you think they are adorable!


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